TrueNOMADS Loves Love.

Because, life is a Love Story.

Who We are?

A Team of Talented, Fresh Creative Writers from Nooks n Corners...

It just doesn't take a cup of coffee and a keyboard to write. You need sunshine, rain, shadows and love to be at your back to write good stuff. If you feel something similar, TrueNOMADS is for you. You can write anything - poems, stories, novels, tags, sci-fi ...just one requirement, it has to be original. Bite your nails, stink with sweat in a HOT summer noon, have a can of Beer and some cigarettes, and start exploring TrueNOMADS.  

We are also a bridge between the publishers and potential writers. We use our knowledge and connection with renowned publishers and Media clients to provide a great platform to the deserving authors.

What's TrueNOMADS?

TrueNOMADS is a site dedicated to creative talents. We publish Poetry and Short Stories that invoke passion and charms us. 

Currently we are accepting submissions in four languages - English, Bengali, Hindi and Assamese. If you want to publish your poetry or short story, TrueNOMADS will help you reach thousands of readers.

We also hold many competitions which carry cash awards and trophies. The aim is to inculcate a culture of creative engagements.

We also use our extensive tie-ups with publishers to introduce new talents to the world. We may bridge your gap with a good publisher if you want to publish a book or an ebook.

We also have two Facebook Groups where we regularly discuss about poetry and stories and keep publishing lots of new write-ups. As we tend to highlight high quality write-ups, only select poems and stories are published on this site. But, we publish almost all submissions on our Facebook groups.

We have writers from all parts of the Globe and we tend to bring in a good vibe of creative writing to everyone's life. We believe that writers have enough responsibilities in shaping the world, and hence we encourage all writers to be creative, ethical and ready for taking up challenging responsibilities to make the world a better place for all.

Whether you are a "part time" or a Regular writer, do connect with us for an exciting journey to the future. While Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already invading creative pursuits, we know well enough that it will take enough time for these to create poetry or stories. 

So keep writing. 


How to Get Published?

It is easy to connect with TrueNOMADS. We tend to publish all types of poetry and short stories in English, Bengali, Hindi and Assamese. If you think you are not not great in writing poetry or stories, do try it out. Many excellent authors of this world were skeptical about themselves in the start.

You can send in your write-ups to the mentioned email and we will review and publish your [poetry with your byline. You can send an unlimited number of submissions. As long as the write-ups make sense, we don't have any problem in publishing them.

By connecting and getting published on TrueNOMADS, you can be lucky enough to be spotted by a publisher who might want you to be their chosen writer. So, apart from getting a platform to showcase your skills, it can also be a platform for you to become an author of acclaim.

Our groups of authors is open to all kinds of ideas, and we tend to support budding talents who want to offer the maximum of their potential to create awesome poetry and prose. 

We accept write-ups from all parts of the globe in our chosen languages. If you want to make a mark in our readers community, it is an excellent idea to get associated with TrueNOMADS.

Do you still have a query? We'd love to answer them. Just send in your queries to the given email address. We reply to each one and one one is neglected on the basis of caste, community, creed, religion, race of languages they prefer.

So, all the best and do connect with us. Check our Facebook Groups and be members with them. 


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T Block, Flat No. 269,


BP Township, Patuli 

KOLKATA 700094 


+91-99576 66747  

Feel free to send any query.